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A powerful utility that aims to improve the security of your system by implementing multi-factor authentication and secure vaults for data storage

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Preserving the privacy of personal data and keeping important documents away from prying eyes are serious endeavors and should be treated as such, because a weak security layer can be easily bypassed and this may result in having the sensitive data exposed.

There are numerous ways in which someone can encrypt and hide files, so it is basically a matter of personal preference when opting for one solution or another. Nowadays, many branded systems, be them portable or not, bundle software of various sorts and some include protection programs, an example in this respect being ASUS notebooks.

The utility that is delivered with a selected range of laptops is the one going by the name of ASUS Data Security Manager. The main purpose of this tool is to make sure a set of selected files are accessible only to the authorized users.

In order to achieve this, the program makes use of so-called vaults in which the information is stored safely. Nonetheless, the first thing one has to do is create a user inside ASUS Data Security Manager and assign a password to that account, so no one else can access that secure area.

The software offers users the possibility to add a hint to the passcode, so it may be more easy to recall it in case it is forgotten. An important trait of this particular utility is the ability to disconnect the user and have the system logout after a period of 3 minutes in which no activity is detected.

Insofar as the vaults of ASUS Data Security Manager are concerned, they are simple containers in which one can put documents, videos or music files and they can be normal or hidden. Unfortunately, perhaps due to the encryption method used, if the user plays some multimedia files from their corresponding safe locations, some glitches may occur in the playback.

To conclude, this solution may prove effective to some users, but most of them would certainly prefer a dedicated app, with more advanced features and that integrates seamlessly with the system.

ASUS Data Security Manager was reviewed by Olivian Puha
Last updated on February 19th, 2014
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