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You can use this user-friendly application to created password protected storage drives on your computer, where you can place all your sensitive data

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BeSafe Secure Drive is a lightweight and efficient software solution meant to provide you with an easy means of creating virtual drives which you can protect with a password, so no data that you might store on them can be accessed without your personal consent.

It does not require an installation process, meaning you can use it immediately after download, launching minimized in the system tray, but not before prompting you to input your password, which you will need to enter every time you wish to access the software.

The program is sufficiently simple to work with, despite some counter-intuitive aspects about its interface, such as the lack of an 'Add' button or a similar visible function to enable you to create encrypted drives.

Nonetheless, this can be done through the application's context menu, by selecting the preferred option, 'Add', 'Clone', 'Edit' or 'Remove'. When creating a new storage location, you need to enter an access key to encrypt it, then select the preferred options, namely whether to 'Compress Storage' and 'Use Transactions'.

However, if you want to create a new storage location, you need to launch BeSafe Secure Drive once again, as the program does not provide you with the option of reopening its is main window once you have finished adding the previous drive. Note that you can only add files to the encrypted storage as long as the tool is running, otherwise they are unmounted, which prevents unauthorized individuals from accessing your data.

Moreover, BeSafe Secure Drive is a portable utility, which means you can run it from a USB stick on any compatible computer. This also means that it generates no registry files and it can be removed from your system just by deleting it.

In conclusion, BeSafe Secure Drive is a useful and reliable application that allows you to ensure the privacy your most sensitive data by storing it in password-locked virtual drives, thus preventing anyone other than you from accessing it.

BeSafe Secure Drive was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on February 14th, 2014
BeSafe Secure Drive - The main window of BeSafe Secure Drive allows you to view the currently protected storage or add new onesBeSafe Secure Drive - The Storage window enables you to set the preferred password for accessing the secure driveBeSafe Secure Drive - BeSafe Secure Drive runs minimized in the system tray, so you can access it whenever you need

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