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An encryption utility that enables you to protect sensitive files and folders, using strong encryption algorithms and various disguise tactics

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Even though your operating system provides you with various protection methods to keep your documents safe from unauthorized access, they are not always strong enough to rise up to the task. Hence, a third party utility can be used to apply advanced encryption algorithms on the desired files and folders, in order to assure the security of your sensitive information.

Encrypt and password-protect files

Best Encryption Expert is an application that aims to offer you very high standards when it comes to file and folder protection, by bundling a powerful set of encryption methods and various other security measures. In addition, it can also get rid of unwanted data by shredding it beyond recovery, as well as hide or disguise folders to avoid prying eyes.

The encryption feature, which is the utility's strongest weapon against unauthorized access, enables you to choose a desire password to be used as the unique unlock key for the encryption algorithm, as well as the method employed in the process. Furthermore, you can also opt to choose whether you are required to enter part of the password before the encryption is applied.

Shred files and protect entire disks

File shredding implies a procedure that is different from ordinary deletion through the fact that it makes the targeted documents unrecoverable by any means, regardless of the methods used to try and retrieve them. Hence, by using this tool, you can erase any trace of the chosen documents from your hard disk.

Additionally, in case you do not have the patience to perform the encryption on multiple folders at the same time, you can head on and protect entire partitions at once. Hence, the whole drive can be secured against any threat, and you can even apply the procedure on removable devices, such as USB flash drives or external hard disks.

A quick and reliable encryption utility

In the end, if are in need of a reliable security solution, Best Encryption Expert can lend you a helping hand, thanks to its wide range of protection features and strong encryption algorithms. Moreover, the entire application is intuitive and simple to put into practice, since no advanced computer experience is required.

Best Encryption Expert was reviewed by Alexandru Dulcianu
Last updated on June 2nd, 2015
Best Encryption Expert - The main window of the application displays a file tree of your entire system and allows you to choose which files to encrypt.Best Encryption Expert - Once the desired item is selected, you can enter the preferred password and choose the encryption type.Best Encryption Expert - The Protect Folder window allows you to password-protect directories, as well as hide or disguise them as something else.Best Encryption ExpertBest Encryption ExpertBest Encryption Expert

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