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A simple tool designed to help users to create encrypted CDs or DVDs by adding password protection to them during the burning process

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It's always a great idea to ensure full protection of your personal data, especially when you have your files and folders saved on a CD or DVD, which can be misplaced or stolen, often resulting in identity theft.

One of the tools that can help you secure your data even when you burn it on discs is CD DVD Encryption, designed as a companion for the CD/DVD burning software that you normally use on your computer.

Simple configuration options

Getting started with CD DVD Encryption is as easy as it can be, given that the tool does not require a specific setup process, but can start the encryption with a simple mouse click. You simply need to click on the “Enable burning encryption,” and you're good to go.

In order to view the files and folders on an encrypted disc, you need to open the application and then to hit the “Decrypt encrypted disc” button.

Easily enable encryption via System Tray icon

The application allows you to start encrypting your CDs/DVDs at any time, but also allows you to disable the encryption operations effortlessly.

The tool's main window can be accessed easily at any time, courtesy of a System Tray icon. Thus, you can encrypt any of the discs you want to burn without having to perform complex operations.

Add data to encrypted discs

With the help of this tool, you can not only create new encrypted discs, but you can also add more data to those that have been already secured. All you need to do is to insert the CD/DVD, click “Decrypt encrypted disc,” hit the encryption button, and you can start appending files to it.

The utility offers fast operations and does not require a large amount of system resources to work. Moreover, it can automatically detect encrypted discs when they are inserted.

Powerful encryption companion

All in all, CD DVD Encryption can easily prove a reliable, easy-to-use companion for all kinds of users interested in creating encrypted discs. It does not feature CD/DVD burning capabilities, but it is a powerful companion for the burning software installed on the PC.

CD DVD Encryption was reviewed by Ionut Arghire
Last updated on October 31st, 2014
CD DVD Encryption - The program enables users to encript their CD/DVD projects as well as decrypt encrypted discs.CD DVD Encryption - In order to encrypt a disc, users must input a password. All encrypted discs will use the same password untill you change it.CD DVD Encryption - You can decrypt a disc by selecting the drive and inputting the password used to encript it.

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