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A simple to use application that displays a comprehensive interface and provides you with carious types of file encryption to protect your files

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We all know how important is to keep our documents private and secure, and there are many software solutions on the market that offer encryption tools for dealing with such a task. Encoding Decoding Free is one of the best examples, as it allows users to encode or decode files.

It sports a clean layout that can help you perform several actions on the go. Thanks to its overall simplicity and multilingual support, it can be mastered by both novices and professionals. The application can encrypt or decrypt any type of file.

The developer didn’t include any configuration settings, and tried to simplify the entire process. You can drag and drop the files directly into the main window, or you can add them using the built-in browse button.

In order to encrypt a document, you should select one of the six encoding modes, and set a password. The application is also able to display notifications about the strength level of your passwords.

During our testing we have noticed that the application manages to accomplish a task very quickly and without errors. It also offers time estimation for completing the job. At the end of the encoding or decoding process, a message is displayed with the successful or failed process, and the estimated time. For example, it managed to encrypt a PDF file (13.7 MB) in 27 seconds.

In conclusion, Encoding Decoding Free proves to be a reliable tool that can help you encrypt or decrypt your files quickly and efficiently. It’s easy to work with, and also light on your system resources.

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Last updated on November 27th, 2014
Encoding Decoding Free - The application displays a user-friendly interface and enables you to protect files using encryption.Encoding Decoding Free - Opening the Encoding menu you can choose between methods such as Standard, Ultra, Ultra 3 and AES.Encoding Decoding Free - When encrypting a file, you can choose its encoding method and enter the password for it.

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