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An intuitive and reliable software solution that comes in handy whenever you want to quickly encrypt a text message you want to send to another user

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Whenever you want to make sure that unauthorized people cannot read your messages, you can simply encrypt them and send them to whomever you choose. However, this requires a dedicated software utility, such as Codify.

AES-256 encryption for text messages

The application features a highly intuitive graphic interface so that even novices can enjoy its functions without too much hassle.

Basically, you need to type or paste your text, then enter a password and encrypt the message - next, you can send it via email or instant messaging apps to your friends without worrying that any prying persons can understand it.

The recipient of the message needs to paste it within their own Codify app, enter the correct password and decrypt it.

Store and organize your passwords

If you do not want to waste time manually entering passphrases whenever you want to send an encrypted text or you just do not want to remember a lot of passwords, you can add them to an integrated list.

Codify provides you with the possibility to assign descriptive names to your passwords, meaning that the next time you want to encrypt a message, you can open the list, choose the cipher you prefer and you are done.

Furthermore, you can set Codify to automatically save the new passwords you use to the list, so the only task you need to perform is to specify the title.


To wrap it up, Codify can come in handy when you need to quickly encrypt a text and send it your buddies, provided they also know the correct passphrase. However, if you are working on a shared PC, it is best not to use the password list, since it can be accessed without any restrictions by any user, friendly or not.

Codify was reviewed by Giorgiana Arghire
Last updated on January 28th, 2015
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