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A complex and reliable program created to offer you a method of encrypting sensitive files and folders, handy particularly for online transfers

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CyberSafe Top Secret is an advanced piece of software developed to offer you the proper means of encrypting your most important files and folder, in order to prevent their contents from transpiring during online transfer operations.

Intuitive and functional appearance

The utility displays a well-structured interface, making it very easy to understand and use, regardless of your level of past experience with similar tools.

The program features a tabbed window, allowing you to swiftly access the sections that you want to work with, namely ‘Keys and Certificates’, ‘Files Encryption’ and ‘Drives Encryption’. The cyphering process however, makes use of a wizard-style method of functioning.

A way of securing your sensitive data by encrypting files with strong protection algorithms

To encode one or more files, or even an entire folder, you can access the corresponding tab and drop the targeted items onto the surface of the main window, or browse for them through your computer and load them into CyberSafe Top Secret.

The next step of the wizard will need you to select a preferred option, enabling you to ‘Encrypt Files By Recipients Keys’, ‘Encrypt Files By Password’, or ‘Create Self-Extracting Archive With Password Protection’.

The first option requires you to select the ‘Crypt Provider’ and enter the corresponding public key, while the second lets you choose an algorithm and a compression level, then input a password, subsequently generating your encoded file.The ‘Create Self-Extracting Archive With Password Protection’ alternative will only need you to enter the access key, automatically outputting the package.

Moreover, CyberSafe Top Secret features a ‘Drive Encryption’ component that can assist you in protecting physical and virtual drives, guarding the entire data stored on it. In addition, you can export or import security certificates in PFX, CER and several other formats.

An efficient data encryption instrument

To summarize, CyberSafe Top Secret is a useful and user-friendly application whose main purpose is to provide you with the ability of protecting your documents’ safety by ensuring that even if they were to fall into the wrong hands, no one would be able to decrypt them unless authorized by you.

CyberSafe Top Secret was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on April 18th, 2014
CyberSafe Top Secret - The main window of CyberSafe Top Secret allows you to start adding files and create an encrypted archiveCyberSafe Top Secret - In the next step of the wizard, you can choose the preferred encryption method, either by password or recipient keysCyberSafe Top Secret - The More Options window enables you to select the encryption algorithm for the archiveCyberSafe Top Secret - screenshot #4CyberSafe Top Secret - screenshot #5CyberSafe Top Secret - screenshot #6CyberSafe Top Secret - screenshot #7CyberSafe Top Secret - screenshot #8CyberSafe Top Secret - screenshot #9CyberSafe Top Secret - screenshot #10CyberSafe Top Secret - screenshot #11CyberSafe Top Secret - screenshot #12CyberSafe Top Secret - screenshot #13

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