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With this simple and straightforward application, you can swiftly protect the contents of your favorite pictures using a preferred password

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Encrypics is a user-friendly and efficient piece of software developed to provide you with a simple means of securing your most important photos and preventing others from viewing them, unless you allow them to.

Portability advantages

It is not necessary to go through an installation process in order to work with it, as it functions as a standalone tool, which means you can just double-click the executable to run in. However, for best results, you should consider using your administrator privileges.

At the same time, due to the fact that it is a portable program, Encrypics can be stored and run from a removable memory drive, leaving no mark on the system it is used on, thus proving quite easy to erase.

Swiftly encode your favorite photos with a preferred password

The application offers two main functions, ‘Encrypt’ and ‘Decrypt’, being organized into eponymous tabs, so you can switch between them and work with the one you need, in just a few mouse moves.

The ‘Encrypt’ section of the program enables you to load one or more images (by pressing on the CTRL key for multiple selection), the amount of supported formats being rather limited (BMP, GIF and JPG). You can then input your password and confirm it, bearing in mind that its length must be equal to or surpass six characters.

Finally, you can press on the indicated button and your files are processed within moments, informing you of the success of the operation. The extension of the source files is changed to EPDT and become inaccessible through any image viewer.

To perform the reverse operation, you can load the encoded photos into the utility and type in the key that was used to protect them, then press on the ‘Decrypt’ button, retrieving your pictures in their initial state immediately.

The encryption algorithm that is used is not in any way transparent, so you do not have the possibility of choosing between several options. Similarly, there are no other configuration preferences for you to tinker with, the whole operation undergoing as predefined by default settings.

A handy image encoder

In conclusion, Encrypics is a useful and easy to handle application, whose main purpose resides in helping you protect your favorite pictures from prying eyes, by enabling you to secure them with a password of your own choice.

Encrypics was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on July 14th, 2014
Encrypics - Encrypics is a simple application that can lock a picture using a user-defined passwordEncrypics - The Decrypt tab enables you to unlock protected images, provided hat you know the correct key

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