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A straightforward solution for anyone who is looking to secure their cloud storage transfers by means of encryption on more than two devices

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Ensafer is a piece of software that is especially created in order to provide end-to-end encryption for files that are shared and synched through cloud storage systems like that offered by Dropbox.

Easy to setup and customize

Ensafer is meant to work in tandem with an already installed cloud utility. This means that if you’ve already installed Dropbox for example, dealing with Ensafer should be a cinch since it relies on the same principles.

Once it’s installed on your system, it creates the Ensafer folder where you need to place all the files you want to encrypt and sync across multiple devices. Sounds simple and familiar doesn’t it ?

As far as customization goes, there’s not much to talk about. Being a purpose oriented tool, it doesn’t need to overcomplicate things in any way. Some of the few things that you are able to do is choose the custom Ensafer folder, enable the application to start at the same time as your OS and change the service’s password.

Secure cloud files with powerful encryption

Everything about Ensafer is security and you get that from the first time you want to share a folder with it. Access to folder content is granted only by means of invitation from you and the person who receives it needs to also have Ensafer installed on their computer.

This is a requirement that needs to be met because Ensafer uses end-to-end encryption, which means that files are encrypted the moment they are added to the source folder or synced and remain so until the transfer is complete. Ensafer uses 2048-bit RSA keys, 256-bit AES encryption, 2048-bit SSL and more to protect your files and ensures that no one besides you can access them.

Fast and reliable cloud encryption

To wrap it up, Ensafer is a powerful no-nonsense security tool that you can attach to your cloud based storage system and secure files along with the information they carry in a simple manner.

Ensafer was reviewed by Alexandru Chirila
Last updated on December 8th, 2014
Ensafer - Ensafer enables you to encrypt files that you share or send via could storage services.Ensafer - From the Ensafer Sharing window you are able to view a list of all he files and sharing possibilities you have.Ensafer - Accessing the Settings window, the user can select the Ensafer storage location and toggle autorun at start up.Ensafer - screenshot #4

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