Flash EXE Encrypter

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Encrypt and protect your Flash's EXE and SWF files




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Flash EXE Encrypter is a small application which allows users to protect their flash's exe and SWF files, prevent cracking, copying and decompile.

Encrypt your Flash's EXE or SWF files, protect distribution of Flash files. The encrypted Flash files can prevent cracking, prevent copying, prevent decompile. You can set play password binding to your users's computer. If you want to send your Flash files to your users, this tool can protect your Flash files.
Last updated on February 9th, 2011
Flash EXE Encrypter - Flash EXE Encrypter will help you quickly and easily encrypt and protect your Flash's EXE and SWF filesFlash EXE Encrypter - Users will be able to enter a few words of their own to be shown before launching the Flash movie clip from the Settings tabFlash EXE Encrypter - The Create Open Password tab will provide users with encryption key, machine ID and Create Open Password options

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