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Forensic Sorter is a program which will manage your data effectively and efficiently





Forensic Sorter is a program which will manage your data effectively and efficiently.

Sorting through data is an effective way to find exactly what you are looking for. Forensic Sorter classifies data into over 14 different categories, recovers deleted files, and filters out common hashes (FOCH), making your examination easier to manage, faster to process, and easier to find what you're looking for. Paraben's Forensic Sorter saves hours of examination time through this efficient classification and sorting process.

Here are some key features of "Forensic Sorter":

■ Supports RAW, PFR (Forensic Replicator), Safeback, and EnCase image files
■ Compatible with Paraben's P2 Examination Technology
■ Uses FOCH technology to Filter Out Common Hashes
■ Sorts by header all logical data into categories such as documents, graphics, spreadsheets, e-mail, encrypted, etc.
■ Recovers deleted, slack, and unallocated data
■ Recovers fragments of files from unallocated space
■ Sorts files from unpartitioned space
■ Identifies encrypted files for easy recovery using Paraben's Decryption Collection
■ All data output is non-proprietary so any tool can be used for analysis post sorting
■ Designed for use with Paraben's Case Agent Companion
■ EFS file detection
■ Reads NTFS compressed files
■ NTFS streams support
■ HTML reporting
■ Ext 2 & Ext 3 partition support
■ Deleted file recovery
■ Sorts compressed archives such as ZIP, RAR, etc.
■ Increased sorting speed
■ Sorts drives with bad sectors
■ Unicode support
■ Removable disk support
■ OLE storage support
■ Palm OS file detection
■ Chat log file detection
■ E-mail Examiner & Network E-mail Examiner supported file detection
■ XML output validation
■ Includes a free 60 day subscription with purchase


■ 30 Days or 23 executions
Last updated on August 10th, 2006
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