FreeOTFE Explorer 3.51

An intuitive and powerful tool that helps you generate encrypted volumes, while allowing you to store and extract data, and secure it with hash algorithms and cyphers

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What's new in FreeOTFE Explorer 3.51:

  • Added Russian language translation
  • Added translator credit to "About..." dialog
  • Minor tweaks to portableapps .com launcher
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Sarah Dean
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FreeOTFE Explorer - When you launch FreeOTFE Explorer, you will need to create a new volume and mount itFreeOTFE Explorer - FreeOTFE Explorer will require you to configure the security options for the newly created volumeFreeOTFE Explorer - This is the main window of FreeOTFE Explorer where you can easily add files and folders to your mounted volumeFreeOTFE Explorer - The Tools menu will offer you the possibility to create a key file or to check file systemFreeOTFE ExplorerFreeOTFE ExplorerFreeOTFE ExplorerFreeOTFE Explorer
FreeOTFE Explorer is a lightweight encryption application whose purpose is to help you store your private information in a secure environment by creating encrypted volumes.

The developers also offer a similar encryption tool, called FreeOTFE, which is fully compatible with FreeOTFE Explorer. You can use the encrypted volumes created with one of the programs and mount them with the other one.

While FreeOTFE provides on-the-fly encryption through a virtual drive and operates by creating a virtual drive where the written data is automatically encrypted before being stored on a computer’s hard or USB drive, FreeOTFE Explorer empowers you to store and extract files from encrypted disk images, just as if you are working with ZIP and RAR archives.

Intuitive interface

It uses a Windows Explorer-style interface where most of the operations are familiar for all users. Plus, it offers support for a built-in wizard mode for helping you generate an encrypted volume, so even rookies can learn to configure the entire process with just a few clicks.

Driverless operations

One of the best features bundled in this program enables you to run FreeOTFE Explorer on any computer without having to install any additional device drivers. You can copy it on any USB flash drive or other removable media and access the volumes on the target computer without the need of having administrator rights.

Creating a new encrypted volume

There are several steps that you need to follow in order to build up a brand new volume, as you are required to specify the filename and location where the volume should be created and enter the size (bytes, KB, MB, GB, TB).

What’s more, you can secure your volumes with the aid of various hash algorithms, such as MD2, MD4, Tiger, SHA-224, SHA-256, RIPEMD-128, or Whirlpool, and apply cyphers, such as AES (256 bit), Twofish (256 bit), Blowfish (448 bit), Serpent (256 bit), or others. You can select the random number generators (e.g. Microsoft CryptoAPI, mouse movement) you wish to use for generating the new volume, as well as set up passwords.

File management capabilities

FreeOTFE Explorer gives you the possibility to store files and folders, extract the selected items, delete files, and view item properties, such as size, extension, creation, modification, or last-accessed date, and attributes.

Plus, you may copy or move files, create subfolders, rename items, use hotkeys for a better control over the entire process, show boot sector details (e.g. bytes per sector, sectors per cluster, number of heads, hidden sectors, OEM name), overwrite files and folders, create a keyfile, automatically mount the specified volume on token insertion, and preserve file timestamps when storing or extracting data.

The tool offers support for security tokens/smartcards, and lets you conceal hidden volumes within other encrypted volumes, read or write the encrypted data from your PC right on your PDA or vice versa, as well as backup and restore the critical areas of volume files.

An overall efficient volume encryption utility

All in all, FreeOTFE Explorer combines ease of use with powerful features in order to help you generate secure volumes where your sensitive information is kept private from unauthorized viewing.

FreeOTFE Explorer was reviewed by , last updated on March 26th, 2014

Runs on: Windows 2K / XP / Vista / Vista 64 bit / 7 / 7 64 bit / 2003

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