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Simple extension for GnuPG that allows signing and encrypting files and folders straight from their context menu, based on user-defined configuration

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GPGee is an extension of the GPG (GNU Privacy Guard), the open-source equivalent of PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) cryptographic software.

Quick install, easy to use extension

The extension attaches to the context menu of Windows shell and provides options for signing and encrypting the file or folder in order to secure access to the content.

Installing the program is a breeze and following the brief instructions on the screen is enough to finish the process successfully.

There is no interface available, except for the configuration panel, which is actually the first stop for the user because the application needs to be pointed to the necessary files in order to perform the aforementioned operations.

GnuPG implementation required on the system

From the context menu the user can choose to both sign and encrypt the information or just sign or encrypt it. Also, as far as the latter option is concerned the product offers encryption choices by using either a public or a symmetric key.

To be able to use these options GPGee needs to be pointed to the right files that contain the public and the secret keyring, which have to be created using the GPG software. Moreover, the executable file for GPG has to be present on the computer.

GPGee also makes available the possibility to cache the keyrings, display the ID of the parent key or overwrite all existing files and process the selected folder recursively, so that all sub-structures are secured.

Limited operating system compatibility

GPGee is a nice addition if GPG is already installed on the system. It makes encrypting and signing an easy procedure. However, it is designed for Windows XP and there are GnuPG packages that integrate this functionality and work on newer operating systems.

GPGee was reviewed by Ionut Ilascu
Last updated on May 14th, 2014
GPGee - The shell extension is seen by the users when right-clicking on any fileGPGee - From the Options windows, the users can easily set the program path and the ooptions fileGPGee - The users have to select a group of files when encrypting a file

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