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A reliable cryptology tool that can assist you in generating RSA or DSA key pairs and encrypt files using the PGP encryption algorithm

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GnuPG Shell provides a frontend for the GnuPG command line utility, enabling you to generate public-private key pairs, signing or encrypting files to prevent them from being accessed by others. It is an implementation of the OpenPGP encryption standard, aiming to safeguard your data.

Information confidentiality and data protection is one of the main concerns of each computer user, but an utility such as GnuPG Shell can help you make sure that your files or messages are not read without prior owner consent.

Thanks to the integrated key generation assistant, creating a key pair is an easy task. To do so, you must type in your name and enter the e-mail address you want the key to be associated with.

GnuPG Shell is capable of creating RSA or DSA keys with customizable size and expiration date. All the signature are neatly displayed in a structured table, along with details about their fingerprints and validity. The owner trust level is configurable as well.

Key pairs can be easily exported or imported, deleted from the list or even revoked, in case they have been compromized, superseded or by any other reason. The application includes a predefined list of specialized key servers that you can send the signature to for safe keeping.

The 'File Manager' utility can prove useful in encrypting or signing files on your computer using one of the previosuly generated key pairs. It accepts any format type and outputs a secure GPG file.

Thanks to the intuitive GUI, GnuPG Shell offers a more convenient alternative to the console interface of GnuPG. It aims to protect your confidential files using strong algorithms and help you manage all the keys from a single place.

GnuPG Shell was reviewed by Mihaela Teodorovici
Last updated on February 15th, 2014
GnuPG Shell - You can manage all your keyrings and view their IDs, the fingerprint and expiration date from the main window of GnuPG Shell.GnuPG Shell - GnuPG Shell features a key generation assistant that can help you easily create key pairs.GnuPG Shell - GnuPG Shell can generate RSA or DSA key pairs with 2048-bit encryption and custom expiration date.GnuPG Shell - screenshot #4GnuPG Shell - screenshot #5GnuPG Shell - screenshot #6GnuPG Shell - screenshot #7GnuPG Shell - screenshot #8

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