HandyBits EasyCrypto Deluxe

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Offers strong encryption to encrypt both standalone files and entire folders

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HandyBits EasyCrypto is an application that can protect the privacy of your information by encrypting files and folders.

This is a necessary tool when, for example you are sharing a computer with several users.

The interface of the program is plain and simple. You can import files and folders by using the file browser (the "drag and drop" method is not supported but batch processing is).

So, all you have to do is enter a password and press the "Encrypt Now" button or "Enter" key. Decrypting can be done in a similar way.

In the list you can view the path, size and type of each folder. In addition, you can check files, get a password from an installed program (in the EXE format), as well as pick special characters from a list, for your password.

Furthermore, you can create an archive (self extracting or in the EasyCrypto Zip format), select the encryption key length, enable and input a welcome message, send it to a mail recipient, and more.

Plus, you can use the "undo" function, manage a list of passwords, change the background and interface language, disable tips, add files on startup, enable to always check files and to exit program on success, integrate EasyCrypto into the Explorer context menu, as well as configure easy launch settings, and others.

The program takes up a very low amount of system resources and didn't cause us any problems during our tests. There is no user documentation available but useful tips can help you every step of the way.

Besides the fact that HandyBits EasyCrypto could use some improvements when it comes to the interface, we strongly recommend this tool to all users.

HandyBits EasyCrypto Deluxe was reviewed by Elena Opris
Last updated on March 6th, 2012
HandyBits EasyCrypto Deluxe - HandyBits EasyCrypto is an utility that helps you to keep your sensitive files inaccessible for others.HandyBits EasyCrypto Deluxe - Here is how you are able to add a password for the encrypted files.HandyBits EasyCrypto Deluxe - Archiving options are easy to set using this small dialog window.HandyBits EasyCrypto Deluxe - Here is how you can choose the kind of background that you want.

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