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A reliable and intuitive command line application that allows you to secure your hard drives by creating a lock using an USB flash

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In order to protect your files, it is considered good practice to create a password protection for them. Sometimes, this is not enough, as there are software application that can obtain your password using brute force search or other decrypting methods.

There are other encryption methods, that use your USB flash drives as unique keys that can can unlock the data on your drives. One application that can help you achieve this is Hard Disk Usb Lock. It allows you to encrypt your drives with USB drive key locks.

Fast and easy to use disk drive encryption tool with command line interface

The program helps you check your hard drives for consistency, then create a password protection utilizing an USB flash drive, that will be used to unlock your computer.

This way, you can protect your computer and files from foreign access, as you need the encrypted USB device and password in order to access your hard drive data.

Reliable data verifier and disk decryption utility

Although Hard Disk Usb Lock can encrypt your drives, it first needs to check them for data consistency.

After all the files have been checked, you can add password and USB lock protection to your drives. Furthermore, you can use the program to seamlessly remove any locks from USB drives and disks, providing that they have previously been encrypted.

A lightweight, yet powerful application that secures your hard drive and files

Hard Disk Usb Lock provides you with means of protecting your hard drives, by creating a password protected USB drive lock key. This way, you can only access your drives with that USB key, ensuring you that your files are protected from any foreign visitors.

Hard Disk Usb Lock was reviewed by Andrei Fercalo
Last updated on April 29th, 2014
Hard Disk Usb Lock - The application allows you to check and encrypt your hard drive with password protection stored on an USB flash.Hard Disk Usb Lock - You can run the LOCKDE component application in order to easily create a lock file for your hard drives.Hard Disk Usb Lock - By running the UNLOCKDE component program, you can remove any locks from your hard drives.

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