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A lightweight, yet reliable and easy to use application that helps you encrypt files, folders and texts with password protection

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Your personal files and folders can always be compromised and found, even if they are well hidden on your computer. A good idea would be to create password protection for each one of them, in order to maximize security.

HideJet offers a software solution to these problems, by allowing you to encase your files and directories with password protection, as well as encrypt text block using secure hashing algorithms that require encryption keys. In order to fully function, the application requires .Net Framework installed on your computer.

Dependable file and folder encryption tool with modern-looking interface

The program helps you encrypt any file, by adding password protection to each one. Furthermore, you can encrypt and hide folders in a similar way. Aside from this, you can use the encrypted Facebook chat, a handy feature that helps you secure your social network conversations, so that no one can access them and violate your privacy.

You can also set a password for accessing HideJet, in order to further increase the security on your private files and folders. As an extra caution method, you can set a vocal password, so that anyone trying to break your text password will not be able to pass the voice recognition system.

Fast file and text encryption and decryption utility

The application allows you to encrypt text blocks, by typing or pasting them, then selecting an encryption key.

After the plaintext is encrypted with the key, the output digest is displayed. This encrypted text can be further decrypted with the same key used for encryption. In addition, the application helps you chat with your friends on Facebook without allowing others to see your conversation.

An intuitive file protection program that offers text encryption and secure chat

To conclude, HideJet gives you the possibility to secure your private files and folders by adding text or vocal password protection for each one. Additionally, you can send encrypted text over the Internet or keep your Facebook chats hidden and encrypted, as the application creates text digests using encryption keys and advanced hashing algorithms.

HideJet was reviewed by Andrei Fercalo
Last updated on August 19th, 2014
HideJet - You can use HideJet to hide files and folders on your computer and encrypt text messages.HideJet - From the 'Tools' menu of HideJet you can easily access all the modules that the application has to offer.HideJet - HideJet enables you to assign a password to files you want to keep secure and protected from prying eyes.HideJet - screenshot #4HideJet - screenshot #5HideJet - screenshot #6HideJet - screenshot #7HideJet - screenshot #8

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