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Keep your child protected from inappropriate content or employees focusing on their tasks by restricting access to the Internet and PC functions

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Restrictions to specific content or applications can not only keep your child from reaching undesired parts of your computer or Internet, but can also help employees better focus on the task at hand. Specialized software utilities are used in order to do so, and InTouch Lock makes no exception.

Create profiles for different circumstances

Upon launching the application you are asked to select one of the available protection profiles. Even though their names are intuitive enough, next to the selected one appears an info box, telling you to which case each best applies

Amongst them is a blank profile that gives you access to the main window of the application with no restrictions enabled. After configuring a style that suits your needs, it can be saved for later use.

Everything can be disabled

Due to the clever design of the interface, functions you want to keep users away from are easily accessible. They are found in categories, and activation requires either ticking a box or filling in a text field.

From restricting access to certain applications to completely blocking the keyboard and mouse, nearly all areas are covered. To fully transform the computer into just a power consumer, the screen can be locked along with the input devices.

Hotkeys can be set for some of the most basic functions to assure that there is always the possibility to bring things back to normal. Furthermore, automated tasks allow you schedule restrictions, which is suitable for working environments.

Last but not least, every activity is kept track of and displayed in a log that offers detailed information on the time and occurrence itself, which you can be saved to a file.

In conclusion

To sum it up, InTouch Lock is a trustworthy guard dog to have around. Predefined profiles give you the possibility to quickly start protecting content, and the variety of options you are able to block make it a practical application.

InTouch Lock was reviewed by Mircea Dragomir
Last updated on April 23rd, 2014
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