JoyRaj Text File Encryption Program

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With this simple and intuitive piece of software, you can encrypt text files using the Blowfish algorithm and a key of your own making

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JoyRaj Text File Encryption Program is a lightweight and easy to handle utility whose main function resides in offering you a simple method of protecting the TXT files you send via online media, for instance, in order to make sure no one, aside from the intended recipient, can read it.

Simple and practical looks

The application features a clean and intuitive appearance, featuring three main buttons whose role is fairly self-explanatory, namely ‘Encrypt’, ‘Preview’ and ‘Decrypt’.

The small, non-resizable window of JoyRaj Text File Encryption Program allows you thus to choose the component you want to work with at the push of a button.

Use the Blowfish algorithm to encrypt your most sensitive TXT files

The tool makes use of the Blowfish cipher, providing you with relatively strong protection, to ensure that its decoding can only be done by using the correct key, that was used in the initial process.

In order to secure a document, JoyRaj Text File Encryption Program allows you to load it and choose a destination folder. Essential to the process is the key you enter, as this will also be required for decrypting the item. The application only supports TXT format, so if you need to use any other type of file, you will either need to convert it or look for some other software.

In terms of output format, the utility exports your file to ENF. If you want to make sure that a recently processed item contains all the information you wanted, you can use the ‘Preview’ feature and look through it, without decrypting it. Finally, to regain access to the contents of the TXT, you can use the ‘Decrypt’ component, making sure to use the exact same key, otherwise the process will be unsuccessful.

A handy TXT encoder

To sum it up, JoyRaj Text File Encryption Program is a useful and effective software solution that aims to assist you in securing your TXT documents against ill-intended individuals, by locking it with a user-defined key and the Blowfish cipher.

JoyRaj Text File Encryption Program was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on May 6th, 2015
JoyRaj Text File Encryption Program - The main window of the application allows you to choose the action you want to performJoyRaj Text File Encryption Program - When you want to encrypt a text file, you need to choose the encryption algorithm you preferJoyRaj Text File Encryption Program - The application allows you to preview the contents of an encrypted file once you enter the correct keyJoyRaj Text File Encryption Program - When it comes to decrypting a file, you need to select the appropriate cipher, enter the key and specify the target document

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