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Encrypt your texts and messages to make them unreadable using this intuitive and simple application that relies on the AES encryption standard

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KiwiCryptor can encrypt your texts and messages, ensuring that others don't intercept them without your consent. Relying on the AES encryption standard, this small utility helps you make text content unreadable to the human eye.

Keeping things simple

There are not complicated menus to deal with and all the options are within reach, so using KiwiCryptor shouldn't pose any problem whatsoever. Its interface is simple, comprising the input area and a few buttons for encrypting or decrypting the text.

In order to use it, you must first enter the text you want to encrypt. The application prompts you to provide the desired password, which is used for creating the encryption key. Make sure that you remember it, since it will be required when performing the reverse operation to decrypt the text.

Encrypt and decrypt messages

The application exports the encrypted text to a TXT files, which is saved to a specific location on your computer, in the 'Documents\Encrypted' folder. Alternatively, you can view the encoded text within the main window, but unfortunately, there are no options to export the text or even to copy it to the clipboard.

Decrypting a file is just as easy, as KiwiCryptor looks into the same 'Documents\Encrypted' folder and prompts you to enter the file name only. In order to reveal the original text content, you must provide the correct password. Otherwise, the application will not decrypt your file.

A simple, yet efficient AES encryption tool

Packed inside a lightweight package, KiwiCryptor can encrypt and decrypt text with ease. It can be used for securing messages you are about to send to your friends, in the attempt to avoid situations when some other person reads your conversation.

KiwiCryptor was reviewed by Mihaela Teodorovici
Last updated on April 19th, 2014
KiwiCryptor - You can use KiwiCryptor to securely encrypt your text messages using the AES protocol.KiwiCryptor - Once the encryption process is complete, the result is displayed within the main window of KiwiCryptor.KiwiCryptor - You can use KiwiCryptor to decrypt a previously encrypted text file and view the original text.

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