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A useful tool that generates hashes or protects private texts from prying eyes, encodes the words, according to different algorithms




TextCrypt is an application built with the help of the Java programming language that allows you to encrypt text.

You can use the several encoding algorithms to generate protected sequences that only you can understand.

DES and XOR encryption methods create password encrypted texts, while MD5, SHA1  generate hashes and ROT13 writes only the words in codes.

The application is designed to also reverse the password encoding process, with the Decrypt option. The decoding only works for the DES and XOR modes.
Last updated on April 2nd, 2014
TextCrypt - TextCrypt can transform readable texts into password-encoded sequences or it can create hashes.TextCrypt - The DES encryption mode requires a password and shows you the output of the encoding process.TextCrypt - The program supports several encryption methods, including DES, MD5, ROT13, SHA1 and XOR.TextCryptTextCryptTextCryptTextCrypt

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