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A lightweight, yet useful file encryption application that you can use to secure your important documents, preventing data theft

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MELGO is a simple encryption tool that can come in handy in situations when you want to conceal the content of your important or confidential documents, in order to prevent others from accessing them without your consent.

Simple GUI, no available documentation

MELGO has a minimalistic look that should enable users to encrypt files stored on their computer regardless of their previous experience with this type of software. Even so, the lack of explanations for each button and the complete absence of the documentation might require you to take the time to understand what each function does.

For your convenience, the application reads the content of its own directory, displaying the number of included files within the main window. It is designed to read the content of one folder at a time, so there is no standard file browser to use. The only way you can navigate to another folder in your computer is with the help of the arrow symbol, the 'Home', 'End' and navigation buttons on your keyboard, which is tedious and quite tiring.

Encrypt files with ease

MELGO is compatible with various type of documents, including DOC and TXT. Once you selected the input file (by navigating to it using the aforementioned procedure), your only task is to press the locker-shaped button and select the desired encryption key length (a 4,128,768 bit key is used).

The file is encrypted in an instant, which makes its content completely unreadable and the icon representing multiple little squares changes to show you the presence of encrypted files within the currently selected folder.

In order to decrypt a file, you must follow the same steps, in reverse order.

An encryption utility that requires improvements

MELGO has potential, but the absence of some features that could ease the user's job can determine one to look for better alternatives. For instance, it does not support drag and drop and does not include a file browser to choose the input documents.

MELGO was reviewed by Mihaela Citea
Last updated on December 16th, 2014
MELGO - The main window of MELGO provides you with some minimal instructions n how to work with itMELGO - From the dedicated window, you can browse through the files in the current folderMELGO - To encrypt a file, you need to choose the key that you want to employ for the operationMELGOMELGO

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