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A simple to use application that enables you to encrypt pieces of text from private documents, in order to protect it from unauthorized reading

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MION is a reliable and easy to use software that allows you to protect personal information from a text file, by encrypting it, so that no other user may read it. It transforms pieces of text into alpha-numeric strings, making them virtually not understandable.

Encrypting the text, not the file

The software cannot password protect a text document or change its attributes, so that Windows does not recognize or open it, but instead it can encrypt the information contained within. Thus, unauthorized users may open the files, but they cannot read the contents.

It is a simple and quick way to protect your data, that implies a lightweight application and no effort on your part. The text lines are converted to alpha-numeric strings with no spaces, which makes it almost impossible to decrypt using other software.

Restoring the text to its original state

Whenever you wish to retrieve information from your encrypted file, MION can also perform text decryption. Of course, the easy text decoding works only on lines that were encrypted using MION. Simply load the encoded text and click Decrypt. The application can display the original text instantly.

The software supports any length of text and you may load or multiple pieces from different documents, as you like. You only need to click the Clear button and the writing space is erased in a second.

Moreover, you may easily open the software and apply the encryption, since it does not require installation. It is also convenient, since no trace of MION can be found in the computer’s registry, and apprehensive users may not easily find your encryption tool.


MION represents a simple way of protecting personal and private information and making it unreadable by any user. Rather than applying complicated encoding methods to protect the file from being opened, it can convert the text so no one can understand it.

MION was reviewed by Elizabeta Virlan
Last updated on June 16th, 2014
MION - MION is a simple software that enables you to encrypt text, in order to keep it private from unauthorized viewing.MION - You can encrypt pieces of text, so that other users may not read them, then restore it when convenient.

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