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Easily secure and backup your important documents on encrypted compact discs or USB flash drives and protect your files from unauthorized users

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Master Voyager is a reliable and useful utility especially designed for users who need to create password protected DVD / CD discs and USB flash drives that contain large amounts of sensitive data.

It manages to do so by creating a secure zone on the media and each time you want to access the protected documents, you need to specify the password, otherwise you are not able to access them.

This secure zone is an encrypted area on media which can be accessed only be the owner. After launching the application, you have the possibility to create as many secure zones as you want and copy all the sensitive files to them. This way, you can rest assured that no unauthorized user is able to access, read, modify or delete your documents.

When adding a new secure zone, Master Voyager adds a special firmware to the protected media, which is designed to encrypt your CD and to ask you the password each time you want to access specific files. When the right password is provided, the secure zone is unlocked by the firmware and allows you to access what document you want.

The main window of the application is very intuitive and you don't need to perform any advanced configurations. It displays the list of all the available drives and enables you to browse each folder you want.

A feature that makes Master Voyager to stand out is that it helps you to add autorun items. There are situations when you need to launch specific files automatically when the secure zone is opened and this program has such feature. This way, after you specify the right password for the protected media, all the folders will be opened in separate windows.

Another interesting option that the application comes with is the possibility of setting disk and media labels. The main difference between these two labels is that the first one appears in Windows Explorer, while the latter is stored in the file system of the media directly.

Considering all of the above, Master Voyager is a reliable solution that helps you to create password protected DVD or CD discs and secure all your important files.

Master Voyager was reviewed by Cristina Jitaru
Last updated on January 12th, 2015
Master Voyager - From the main window of Master Voyager you can browse the contents of your computer.Master Voyager - The Options window allows you to display the capacity bar at the bottom of the screen.

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