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You can use this encryption application to encode your personal files and folders, so no unauthorized individuals can access your information

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Orion CipherBox is a useful and intuitive application that enables you to protect your personal information by encrypting files and folders so that only you can decrypt and access their contents.

Personal security has become an increasing reason for worry in the online environments, specifically due to the enhanced hacking possibilities that are at the disposal of those who wish to benefit from illegally obtained data.

After installation, the software utility integrates into your Windows context menu, allows you to access it whenever you want to encrypt a file, simply by right-clicking on the targeted item.

By selecting the Orion CipherBox option from the list, a window appears that lets you input your password and its confirmation. At the same time, you have the possibility of automatically generating a 250-character string, using the Stratosphera algorithm. The input password can be saved to a TXT file, just in case you forget it.

You also have the option of automatically deleting the source files after the encoding process is finalized. To begin the operation you need to press on the 'Start' button and Orion CipherBox will quickly analyze and encrypt your files or folders.

Moreover, the utility is also capable of decrypting the previously encoded files, and you can do this by following the same steps as before, but by selecting the 'Stream Mode Decryption' option from the 'Scrambler Settings' section of Orion CipherBox, which will make the file readable once again.

To summarize, Orion CipherBox is a helpful software solution that is meant to assist you in protecting your private information and sensitive data from prying eyes, using a password of your own devise or a random one – more difficult to guess by ill-intended individuals, encrypting it with strong and secure algorithms, so only you can decode and access it.

Orion CipherBox was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on January 9th, 2014
Orion CipherBox - Orion CipherBox is an data encryption tool that installs in your Windows context menuOrion CipherBox - The program enables you to choose the stream mode and enter the preferred passwordOrion CipherBox - The View Add Files window enables you to see which items you select for the encryption operation

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