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A lightweight and straightforward software solution that enables you to encrypt and password-protect the files on your USB flash drives

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USB flash drives offer a convenient way of data transfer between computers and various other compatible devices, thanks to their small size and more than decent disk space capabilities. Unfortunately, their portability also makes them vulnerable against unauthorized access, which in turn makes them unsafe for sensitive file storage.

Encrypt the contents of USB flash drives

Password Protect USB Flash Drives Software allows you to add a few security layers on top of your documents, by using strong encryption algorithms and a password protection to keep them safe from any possible threat. In addition, the protection is applied on all the files found on the flash drive, regardless of their format of extension.

As far as the password is concerned, it can contain any type of character you desire, while the maximum size limit is high enough to allow any possible combination. Since the utility even allows you to use blank passwords, the overall security level depends entirely on you, due to the fact that you can make it as weak or as strong as you wish.

Remove the protection to access the files

The encryption process converts every document on your drive to the ENC format, which does not allow you to view or use them in any meaningful way. To regain access to their content, you need to decrypt them and remove the protection entirely, as well as revert them back to their original format.

To achieve that, you are provided with a small decryption utility, which is automatically created in the main directory of the targeted USB flash drive. Hence, after entering the password, the process is performed backwards and you regain the original files back, without any alterations or additional hassle when it comes to accessibility.

Simple and intuitive removable media protection

All in all, Password Protect USB Flash Drives Software can be a useful utility to have around on your computer, especially if you need a fast encryption method for removable devices only. Furthermore, the lightweight interface is very intuitive and easy-to-use even for inexperienced users.

Password Protect USB Flash Drives Software was reviewed by Alexandru Dulcianu
Last updated on July 26th, 2014
Password Protect USB Flash Drives Software - You can choose the desired USB flash drive and enter the password into the main window of the application.

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