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With this intuitive program, you can swiftly encrypt all your files, regardless of their format, thus preventing others from accessing their contents

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Private File is a lightweight and user-friendly software solution whose main purpose is to offer you a simple means of protecting sensitive or important documents from prying eyes, by ciphering them with an algorithm of your own choice as well as a user-defined password.

Clean-cut and intuitive interface

Following a quick installation process with no mentionable events, you can launch the application and begin working with it right away, as it requires no special knowledge of encryption.

The straight-forward interface enables you quickly protect your documents, without having to waste too much time configuring Private File.

Aside from the small ribbon, featuring the 'Encrypt', 'Decrypt' and 'Settings' functions, it also has an upper panel, where you can input the source files, and a 'Log' window which will alert you concerning the success of the operation.

Load the items you want to encrypt, select the algorithm and input the key

To get started, you can click on the 'Add File' button and browse through your computer, loading one item at a time. Nonetheless, Private File supports drag and drop, which means you can select several documents and drop them onto the main window of the utility.

Before being able to click on the 'Encrypt' button, you will need to input your key along with its confirmation in the 'Settings' section of Private File, then choose the output folder.

Here, you also have the option of selecting the preferred ciphering algorithm between several available alternatives, namely 'Twofish', 'Blowfish', 'DES (Data Encryption Standard)', 'CryptAPI', 'Gost', 'Simple XOR', 'RC4', 'Skipjack' or 'TEA, A Tiny Encryption Algorithm'.

When done, you can click on 'Encrypt' in the main window, exporting your files within moments to the previously set directory, allowing you to access it with a press on the 'Open Output Folder' button. To decipher files, you will need to follow the same steps, with the exception of the last button press, as you need to click on 'Decrypt'.

Handy file encryption instrument

In conclusion, Private File is a simple but very reliable program which provides you with the ability to successfully protect your important documents against ill-intended individuals, preventing anyone from accessing their contents without your consent.

Private File was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on March 10th, 2014
Private File - The main window of Private File allows you to input the files that you wish to encrypt for security reasonsPrivate File - From the Setting window, you can select the preferred encryption method, along with a key of your own makingPrivate File - The Encryption Method menu enables you to choose the Blowfish, Twofish, Gost or Skipjack algorithm

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