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Use this simple and lightweight application to encrypt your messages using the SHA256 algorithm, so no one can read them without the proper password

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Quick & Confidential is an efficient and user-friendly piece of software that was designed to provide you with a reliable method of protecting the contents of the messages you exchange with friends and family, by encrypting them prior to sending.

The advantages of standalone tools

The application does not require a setup process, meaning you can just run the executable immediately after download and work with it right away.

Consequently, you can store and use Quick & Confidential from a portable memory device, such as a USB flash drive, leaving no trace on the host system, even after removal.

Effortlessly protect your messages by encoding them

To begin with, you can input the text that you wish to encrypt, either by manually typing it or by pasting it from clipboard; you cannot open an existing file into Quick & Confidential. Afterward, you can enter your ‘Keyphrase’, which will be hashed using the SHA256 algorithm.

In order to encode the message, you just need to click on the ‘Encrypt / Decrypt’ button, the process occurring almost instantly. The contents of the text will be protected with the RC4 (also known as Arc4 or Alleged RC4), a stream cipher that is a popular for various Internet transfer operations.

Once complete, the string containing your email can be copied to clipboard and pasted in a different document or in your ‘Compose’ window. Bear in mind that for the recipient to be able to read the text, they need to know the correct ‘Keyphrase’, otherwise it will not be decrypted.

A useful message encoder

To summarize, Quick & Confidential is a simple yet fairly effective program which can successfully assist you in encrypting your correspondence, so only the right people can read your emails, and no one else.

Quick & Confidential was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on September 3rd, 2014
Quick & Confidential - The main window of Quick & Confidential allows you to add the text you want to encrypt and input a passwordQuick & Confidential - After pressing the Encrypt / Decrypt button, the program will encode your text using the SHA256 algorithm

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