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Use this professional yet highly user-friendly application to generate personal encryption keys, useful in protecting your personal data

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Secret Shield Encryption Pro is an advanced and reliable software solution developed to provide you with the means of creating and managing personal encryption keys, enabling you to protect sensitive information from prying eyes, with minimal effort.

Clean and neatly-structured looks

The application’s interface is quite intuitive and straightforward, making it approachable for individuals of all levels of experience, including beginners, who will not encounter much difficulty in working with it, thanks to its self-explanatory functions.

Secret Shield Encryption Pro’ ribbon allows you to easily switch between tabs and work with the component that you need, be it for performing ‘Store Operations’, ‘Compose Keys’, protect files and folders or encode your email messages.

Create and manage encryption keys which you can use to protect your personal data

On the first run, the program will prompt you to input a ‘Key Store Passphrase’, which you will need to enter every time you want to work with Secret Shield Encryption Pro. It can later be changed without a problem.

The ‘Store Operations’ tab of the utility helps you list the currently available keys, allowing you to import new public or private keys, or export the ones you have created, to be used in different purposes.

The ‘Compose Keys’ section enables you to generate a customized encryption key, letting you choose the preferred type (RSA, EC, ElGamal), cypher, hash and compression, as well as set the character count. You can even embed an image inside your key, for an additional layer of protection.

The ‘File Task’ and ‘Folder’ tabs assist you in encoding the contents of your documents or system directories, to prevent unwanted individuals from rummaging through your personal data, while the ‘String’ section lets you encrypt plain text.

Other functions featured by Secret Shield Encryption Pro include the ability to generate x.509 security certificates, protect the email messages that you send and receive, create EXE files to share your passwords with trusted individuals, and many others.

A multi-purpose encryption key manager

In conclusion, Secret Shield Encryption Pro is a professional and efficient tool that is meant to help you secure your digital information through multiple keys and protection methods, so as to avoid intrusions into your personal space.

Secret Shield Encryption Pro was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on October 16th, 2014
Secret Shield Encryption Pro - The main window of Secret Shield Encryption Pro allows you to view the keys you have created or importedSecret Shield Encryption Pro - The Compose Keys tab helps you generate your own customized encryption keys from scratchSecret Shield Encryption Pro - From the File Task section helps you encrypt and decrypt files, or securely delete documentsSecret Shield Encryption ProSecret Shield Encryption ProSecret Shield Encryption ProSecret Shield Encryption ProSecret Shield Encryption ProSecret Shield Encryption ProSecret Shield Encryption ProSecret Shield Encryption ProSecret Shield Encryption ProSecret Shield Encryption ProSecret Shield Encryption Pro

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