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A handy encryption and decryption utility that you can use to secure your messages before sending them via e-mail, so that others cannot access them

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Secure Mail can be used for encrypting messages you want to send to your friends via e-mail, so as to make sure that the text is not accessed and read by others. In just a few steps, you can have your e-mails encrypted and protected from prying eyes.

Combines RSA and AES encryption

Secure Mail relies on the RSA-4096 bit asymmetric encryption to generate your public and private key pair. It enables you to encrypt text messages of any size, while also providing a way to record audio messages in AIFF, AU or WAVE format.

Texts are encrypted using the AES-128 bit symmetric encryption algorithm. The pass-phrase is secured as well with the help of the recipient's RSA public key file. The integrated checksum generator can help you check the integrity of the RSA public key file.

Once your message is encrypted, you can proceed to sending it via e-mail. The application only supports Gmail and is limited to 3 attachment files per e-mail.

Send encrypted messages to your contacts

The application is very easy to get accustomed with and the wizard-like interface offers guidance throughout the entire process of encrypting your messages, from generating the key pairs to sending the mail to its recipient.

The recipient can use Secure Mail to decrypt the message in the inbox. The application can detect new unread messages with attachments and automatically download the files (which should contain the encrypted messages and the public key). In just three simple steps, you can have the e-mail content decoded.

Secure your e-mails with ease

Going through the entire process of encrypting the messages you send might seem tedious and tiring, but once you get accustomed to the idea, everything should run smoothly.

Secure Mail provides you with a way to protect the messages you send via e-mail, ensuring that your e-mails are not accessed without your consent.

Secure Mail was reviewed by Mihaela Citea
Last updated on May 8th, 2014
Secure Mail - The first step requires you to generate your RSA-4096 private and public keys by providing an unique name.Secure Mail - Secure Mail enables you to encrypt your text message using the generated keys and save it to a text file.Secure Mail - The third step allows you to encrypt and export your message using the AES-128 algorithm.Secure MailSecure MailSecure MailSecure MailSecure Mail

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