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A reliable and straightforward application that allows you to quickly encrypt text blocks with a password using the Rijndael algorithm

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Encryption ensures file and data privacy, as it makes them inaccessible to others that do not have the proper password or cypher used for decryption. The Rijndael algorithm can quickly encode text and files with a password, offering both security and data consistency.

TES - Text Encrypter is a handy tool that uses the Rijndael algorithm to encrypt your important or personal text blocks with a password. In order to properly work, the application requires .Net Framework installed and running on your computer.

Straightforward and simple to use text encryptor

The application allows you to conceal your texts or messages using the Rijndael encryption and a password, thus rendering it unreadable. This is also known as conversion from plaintext to ciphertext.

Once a text or message was encrypted, it can be safely saved and stored, or sent to others, as anyone intercepting a communication channel will not be able to read its contents.

Handy Rijndael encryptor for texts

TES - Text Encrypter gives you the possibility to choose the length of your password, which also increases security for longer ones. As Rijndael is a symmetric-key block cipher, the same password used for encryption is the same used for decryption. Although this might be seen as a disadvantage, this also means that the password cannot be found by processing the public key, which would be the case of asymmetric block ciphers.

On top of that, the program is easy to use, meaning that you can quickly encrypt text regardless if you have no knowledge on how cryptosystems work or you are accustomed with such notions.


To sum it up, TES - Text Encrypter provides you with a sturdy environment for encrypting texts using the Rijndael algorithm. Because it only provides a single encryption method, adding new ciphers and protection algorithms would surely improve the program, by offering users several ways of securing their data.

TES - Text Encrypter was reviewed by Andrei Fercalo
Last updated on July 23rd, 2014
TES - Text Encrypter - TES - Text Encrypter allows you to encrypt and decrypt texts using the Rijndael algorithm.TES - Text Encrypter - You can easily select the length of the password used to encrypt and decrypt text blocks.

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