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Keeping your important files secured is no easy business, as nowadays there are ways to crack and access it. One good advice would be to keep it hidden from plain sight or on a portable drive, as you can always keep it secure while you have the drive with you all the time.

USB Encryptor is a handy software solution that allows you to encrypt all your important data on a USB drive that can be decrypted whenever you want it to.

Handy data encryption tool with user-friendly interface

The application can help you secure all your critical files and documents, by encasing them on an USB drive. The data can be later accessed on other computers with your personal password.

Furthermore, the application hides the files that have been encrypted, so on one can see them while browsing your disk drive.

Reliable file and folder protection utility that can be hidden

USB Encryptor can be set to hide itself, so that it can only be accessed using its path. This is a handy feature that allows you to encrypt your files, then hide the encryption tool, thus creating dual protection, both for your data and your encryptor.

Additionally, you can set a password to open the program, adding an extra layer of security. By doing so, you can allow only privileged users to access your files, whilst maintaining others unaware of your files.

A dependable and intuitive data protection application

To sum it up, USB Encryptor provides you with the necessary tools for encrypting and protecting your data on an USB drive. Aside from this, you can set additional security for your information, by setting a password for the program and hiding it from plain sight, as other will be unaware of what you used to secure your files.
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Last updated on June 10th, 2014
USB Encryptor - USB Encryptor can help you secure all your data by creating protected drives on your USB flash disk.USB Encryptor - From the Settings menu, you can hide the application from others so that only you can access and decrypt your files.

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A reliable and handy application that allows you to seamlessly encrypt and hide from sight important information on an USB flash disk


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