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A simple and user-friendly application created to offer you the means of encrypting text messages, so your personal information does not get revealed by accident

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VaultPad is a handy and easy to understand piece of software created to provide you with the means of exchanging encrypted messages with your friends, so your conversations cannot be read by ill-intended individuals.

Straightforward and intuitive usage

The utility offers a fairly basic appearance, with no particular characteristics to mention, yet its simplicity makes it approachable for less experienced individuals, as you will not encounter much trouble in working with it.

The main window lets you open the files you want to protect or manually type the messages you wish to send using a password of your own devise or a randomly generated one, to make it difficult to break.

Protect sensitive information transmitted in conversations by encrypting TXT files to XML

VaultPad lets you load the text file you want to secure, but it can only process one at a time, as it offers you a preview of the contents, allowing you to also modify them, if needed. In addition, you can add attachments to your file, after which you can select the ‘Save’ option from the ‘File’ menu or press the corresponding keyboard shortcut.

You will then be prompted to input a name and a destination folder for the XML that will be generated. Next, a small window enables you to choose whether to ‘Set a Password’ or not, by checking the corresponding box.

The password can be one you create yourself, but you also have the option of generating a random key, of a user-defined length, which will automatically be copied to clipboard. When opening a protected XML in VaultPad, you will need to enter the correct string in order to read the file’s contents as well as its attachments.

Moreover, the application allows you to create your own public key, then export it. Similarly, you can import your friends’ keys, in order to make sure that no one outside your group can access and read your conversations.

A useful text encrypting instrument

Given the frequency of privacy intrusions that you confront yourself with in the online environments, on a daily basis, it is natural that you may want to protect your personal information. VaultPad proves to be a reliable and efficient program that can successfully assist you in safeguarding your data, reducing the risk of third-party individuals gaining knowledge of your messages.

VaultPad was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on December 7th, 2014
VaultPad - The main window of VaultPad allows you to input the text you wish to encrypt manually or from a fileVaultPad - The Set Message Password window enables you to input your own access code or generate a random oneVaultPad - From the File menu, you can send you message to a friend, using their own public keyVaultPad - screenshot #4VaultPad - screenshot #5VaultPad - screenshot #6VaultPad - screenshot #7

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