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A simple and easy to use application that enables you to encrypt and decipher texts by applying the Vigenere cryptographic system

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Vigenere+ is an easy to use text encryption utility designed for the analysis of the Vigenere cryptographic system and understanding how this algorithm works.

The Vigenere encryption method can only be used with alphabetic text and implements cryptanalysis and poly-alphabetic substitution principles. While it does not offer the same reliability as other encryption systems, it is interesting to analyze.

The main characteristic of the application is simplicity, since its interface only consists of a single window, with a clear and forthright design. You can manually type in the desired text or paste it from the clipboard. Alternatively, Vigenere+ can get the input from a locally stored text file, but only TXT documents are supported.

The next step is to enter the passphrase you want the application to use during the encryption process. This passphrase is the starting point in generating a random cipher key that has the same length as the input text.

When pressing the 'Encipher' button, the encrypted text is displayed in seconds and you can save it to a text file or send it to the clipboard using the dedicated options in the 'File' menu.

In order to decipher a text, the steps are practically the same: enter, paste or import the input from a file, type in the corresponding passphrase and press the 'Decipher' button to view the original text.

Vigenere+ does not offer a high level of security, so you are advised not to use it for encrypting confidential information. It simply applies the principles of the Vigenere algorithm in order to encrypt and decrypt text, which makes it a handy tool for encrypting conversations with your friends.

Vigenere+ was reviewed by Mihaela Teodorovici
Last updated on February 11th, 2014
Vigenere+ - Vigenere+ enables you to enter the desired text and encipher it with a single click.Vigenere+ - You can load the input text from a file and save the encrypted text to the clipboard.

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