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A handy encryption tool that can use an encryption key with the clipboard content so as to make it unreadable until the messages reaches its destination

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Privacy protection is one of the headlines in security-related articles on the Internet and one of the main concerns of all computer users. The number of data theft attempts is increasing, so more and more users are looking for ways to protect their information from prying eyes.

Wordshield is a simple, yet efficient utility that can assist you in encrypting the clipboard content on the spot, so that the text messages you send to others don't get intercepted by others.

Easily encrypt the clipboard content

Combining simplicity and security, Wordshield can safeguard the messages that end up in your clipboard and then paste the encrypted version to the default text editor, deleting the clipboard entry in the meantime, for protection purposes.

By pressing one of the shortcut keys, a shield is placed around the clipboard text, keeping your private messages private. The application makes use of the Rijndael/AES-256 cryptographic cipher to encrypt the text.

Access via the system tray

The application runs in the system tray, remaining at your disposal. It does not interfere with the clipboard functions, unless one of the shortcut keys are pressed, but note that it will replace the copied content if used.

There are four usage alternatives for Wordshield. You can use it to encrypt and paste the text within the selected text field / application, encrypt and paste to the default text editor, copy the text to the editor without performing any other action or copy the message to the selected field while also encrypting or decrypting it. Please note that the decryption function might fail to work properly if you don't select the entire encrypted string.

Safeguard your messages until they reach their destination

Wordshield is a handy tool for all computer users, enabling them to encrypt text messages in an instant, using custom hotkeys. It sits silently in the system tray without interrupting your work, but immediately reports for duty once you press one of the set key combinations.

Wordshield was reviewed by Mihaela Teodorovici
Last updated on June 18th, 2014
Wordshield - You can customize the shortcut keys and change the encryption key from the main window of Wordshield.

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