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Using this application you can add various watermarks to your pictures, such as text, images or QR codes in which you can embed links

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iWatermark Pro is a reliable application that enables you to create advanced watermarks in order to secure and protect your digital photos. You may customize your personal watermark using text, logos and OQ barcodes, then adjust its placement on each photo area.

Create watermark templates

The software enables you to create watermark templates or easily edit the existing ones. You can manage the content of each template, the types of watermarks, their size, opacity, blending and position on the photo. You may insert your personal logo from a different file, as well as add metadata, such as author or the date and time the photo was created.

You can view each template’s details in the Watermark Manager, as well as import or export them as IWK4 format. Additionally, you may share each watermark to Dropbox or AirDrop.

Quick photo adjustment

Aside from having full control on the watermark creation and adjustment process, you can also edit the photos. You may enable photo resizing, filtering, renaming, as well as saving them with a different format than originally. The filtering process implies managing photos by their name, size, format or metadata.

When resizing images, you may choose one of the numerous presets for width and height, set custom dimensions, and select the resampling resolution, in dots per inch. This parameter indicates the quality of the photo on print.

Additional functions

The software can also create thumbnails and modify EXIF information. When generating thumbnails, you simply need to mention the dimension, format and output folder, where as modifying a photo’s metadata involves more settings.

Thus you may add or edit a photos EXIF information, transfer it from the input file to the processed image or enable IPTC/XMP metadata. There are three different types of metadata, including the basic version, that contains title, keywords, author or date of creation; the professional version mentions copyrights notices, abstracts, intellectual genre or ISO country code, whereas the corporate version contains expiration date, codes, location identifiers and reference numbers.


iWatermark Pro is a comprehensive tool that enables you to protect your photographic intellectual property by creating advanced watermarks and modifying metadata. The main purpose of the software is to help you personalize your images and protect your copyrights in a world where the provenience of digital photos is not easy to establish.

iWatermark Pro was reviewed by Elizabeta Virlan
Last updated on August 31st, 2015
iWatermark Pro - iWatermark Pro is a reliable software that enables you to protect your photos by adding a personalized watermark.iWatermark Pro - You may create a custom watermark containing text, logos or QR barcodes, then adjust its size and placement on the photo.iWatermark Pro - The watermark may include images or text, as well as metadata, such as date of creation, author or key words.iWatermark Pro - screenshot #4iWatermark Pro - screenshot #5iWatermark Pro - screenshot #6iWatermark Pro - screenshot #7iWatermark Pro - screenshot #8iWatermark Pro - screenshot #9iWatermark Pro - screenshot #10iWatermark Pro - screenshot #11iWatermark Pro - screenshot #12iWatermark Pro - screenshot #13iWatermark Pro - screenshot #14

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