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Encrypt the content of your sensitive or confidential files using this simplistic and easy to configure application that supports the AES, TripleDES, and DES standards

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pfEncryptor is intended to help you protect sensitive data and important files, in order to prevent others from accessing and reading their content. It is an encryption and decryption utility capable of securing all sorts of files, as well as input strings.

Encrypts important files using secure standards

Relying on some of the most powerful encryption standards (AES, TripleDES and DES), this application can easily crypt data inside any input file, making it impossible to open by those who don't know the correct security key.

It features an intuitive interface, with intelligible and accessible options. The GUI is split into two different panes, one dedicated to performing encryption tasks and the other for the reverse operation.

Built-in key generator

The integrated key generator can help you create secure keys that can be used in the encryption process and save them locally for later use. Alternatively, you can load an existing key from an XML file in your computer.

To proceed with the encryption, your only task is to browse for the desired input file, select the output type and its location. pfEncryptor can generate a file, a string or perform binary encryption. Also, it is worth mentioning that you can use it for text encryption tasks.

Perform quick file decryption

Decrypting a file is just as easy, but you have to know the right security key, otherwise the operation will fail. For each completed task, the application displays the number of transferred bytes, the encryption type (base64 text encoding or binary) and the process duration.

To ease your work even more, the application can save the task parameters to an XML file, allowing you to load it at a later time in order to perform periodic encryption of the same file.

Secure your documents and text messages

pfEncryptor is a reliable encryption utility ready to assist you in securing your important files and texts. Encrypted documents and messages can be then transmitted to others without worrying about illegal interceptions.

pfEncryptor was reviewed by Mihaela Teodorovici
Last updated on April 10th, 2014
pfEncryptor - pfEncryptor comes in handy when you want to encrypt strings or files in your computer, hiding sensitive data.pfEncryptor - The application enables you to set the default input folder from the 'User Options' window.pfEncryptor - You can change the application options from the designated window of pfEncryptor.

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