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A simple encrypting software that makes it incredibly easily to encode your text documents by typing in a password of your choosing

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Relaying messages over the Internet can be risky, since you never know who might intercept your data, especially if you are not using a secure connection. Hence, it is vital that you protect your sensitive information every time you attempt to transfer it as an email attachment or by using a file sharing website.

Use password protection and encrypt your text

zebNet Secure Text is a software utility designed to keep your data secure and safe from prying eyes, by enabling you to password-protect your text documents and encrypt them using complex algorithms. The major advantage of the application is its simplicity, since it only requires you to enter the desired text and choose a secret key to begin the encryption process.

Although a first glance at the user interface may hint at a possible lack of features, the program is able to properly encrypt any kind of text you might throw at it, and in a short amount of time as well. The text area allows for easy copy-paste operations and it does not impose any restrictions on the total character length.

Save the file on your computer as a plain text file

Once you are done choosing the desired decryption password and you save the document, a TXT file is created inside the preferred directory. Despite the fact that plain text file are the worst format you could use for sensitive data storage, it must be noted that the containing text is already encrypted and it requires the password in order to unravel it, so the file itself is useless without the proper decryption key.

The simple TXT extension also make the documents very easy to handle and transfer over the Internet, since they are recognized by every platform and they can be easily attached to emails or included into a variety of other applications. In addition, they do not require any special software to be opened and read, although you do need zebNet Secure Text in order to make sense of them.

In conclusion

All in all, the very easy-to-use interface and fast overall procedure make zebNet Secure Text a very handy application to have around, especially if you find yourself often in the situation of having to send and receive sensitive information.

zebNet Secure Text was reviewed by Alexandru Dulcianu
Last updated on December 13th, 2014
zebNet Secure Text - The main window can be accessed to add the text you want to encode using the Encrypt Text button.zebNet Secure Text - You can type the desired password after you have chosen the text you wish to encode in the dedicated window.zebNet Secure Text - Once the encryption process is finished your text will look scrambled and you may choose save it.

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