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A simple to use piece of software that is capable of detecting bidirectional ARP spoofing and making sure that your computer is safe

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Spoofing, is a means in which someone can hide an application or command that is meant to interfere with your network's security even allowing them to route your Internet traffic to the attacker’s computer.

ARP AntiSpoofer is a lightweight tool that offers you the means to detect and withstand Address Resolution Protocol spoofing.

User-friendly interface

ARP AntiSpoofer displays a comprehensive interface and makes all its functions available in the main window. Its straightforward approach makes it easy for you to choose the network adapter, set the local and Gateway IPs, toggle the ARP Helper and enable remote control.

Auto detect spoofing

ARP AntiSpoofer is capable of automatically recognizing an ARP spoof attack as well as a bidirectional antispoof. Once you’ve finished the configuration for the utility, it can identify an attack and send antispoof packets that are needed to protect the getaway.

Moreover, if you're dealing with a large number of attacks, you are able to increase the antispoof packet rate, covering all the hosts.

Easy to configure

As long as you know what you’re doing and have all the information you need, ARP AntiSpoofer is a cinch to setup. You can choose the network adapter, set the subnet mask of the network, bind the IP and MAC addresses, enter the time between the sent antispoofing packets and their validity.

You are also able to use it remotely after you provide a port number and login password and have ARP AntiSpoofer display notifications when spoofing occurs.

Protect multiple hosts

Though light, ARP AntiSpoofer is capable of offering security for more than one host. It allows you to enter the IP and MAC addresses of the hosts and displays them all in a table so you can see which ones have host or gateway spoofing activated.

Antispoofing tool

In closing, ARP AntiSpoofer is a nice little application that you can keep on your computer in order to help you avoid any attacks.

ARP AntiSpoofer was reviewed by Alexandru Chirila
Last updated on February 22nd, 2014
ARP AntiSpoofer - You can customize ARP AntiSpoofer by using the Preferences window.ARP AntiSpoofer - screenshot #2

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