Emsa Port Blocker 1.0.15

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An intuitive and lightweight piece of software that allows you to block TCP requests to and from your computer as well as handling IP addresses

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Managing incoming and outgoing data is pretty important, especially in a business environment. Luckily, application such as Emsa Port Blocker, a very simple utility that allows you to block TCP access to and from your computer.

Suitable for beginners and experts alike

Although it's not a firewall per se, and even if today's firewalls are capable of doing this as well, Emsa Port Blocker is a much easier to use application, providing a rather simple interface and simple tools.

What's more, all features are displayed right in the main window, so beginners and those with a bit more knowledge should have no problem to figure out how to use the app.

Manage IP connections for more safety

Emsa Port Blocker displays all current connections and allows users to see the allowed IP addresses, blocked local ports and remote ports with a single click.

Of course, all details are displayed as simple lists, so there's nothing too complicated that could get you into trouble. Additionally, Emsa Port Blocker also sports dedicated tools to see the local IP addresses and add them to the allowed list.

Comes equipped with helpful documentation

Other than that, Emsa Port Blocker remains a basic piece of software, with no other configuration screen and no help file. Still, there's a” Readme” text document included in the package that comprises all the information you need to use it at full throttle.

Emsa Port Blocker works just fine on all Windows versions, but administrator privileges are required to take control of ports and IP addresses on Windows 7 nad 8.

To end with

Overall, Emsa Port Blocker may come in handy to users who want to do just that: restrict TCP access to some addresses. On the other hand, today's firewalls are so advanced that they include not only such a feature, but many other goodies supposed to help you in making your computer a more secure working environment.

Emsa Port Blocker 1.0.15 was reviewed by Bogdan Popa
Last updated on August 14th, 2014
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