Outpost Firewall Free 2009

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An efficient and reliable software application designed to help you protect your digital valuables against hackers and identity theft

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Protecting your computer against data theft and unauthorized activity is a must, since the number of threats are continuously rising. Outpost Firewall Free is one of the security solutions that aims to provide and extra layer of protection to your PC by blocking untrusted data packets.

Only suitable for older Windows versions

The application is no longer supported by its developer, who promotes Outpost Security Suite Free as an alternative to the firewall program. This much more complete solution also comes without a price tag, but if you still decide to try out Outpost Firewall Free, you should know that it did not receive updates recently and thus, might not be as reliable as the aforementioned suite and might generate compatibility issues when installed on the latest Windows versions.

Custom or automatic rules adjustment

Just like any other application from its category, Outpost Firewall Free enables you to fully configure the firewall policy, which means that you can edit and create rules for filtering data packets using the built-in wizard. Alternatively, it can be set to automatically create rules for applications signed by trusted vendors.

You can configure the firewall to act on detected sent and received packets without requiring user interaction at all, which comes in handy when you are working or playing games.

Monitor and limit network connections

Using the host protection feature, Outpost Firewall Free monitors requests from changed executables and blocks the access to components that cannot be used by more than one process.

The firewall can be configured to remember the list of trusted networks and stop the attempts of malware programs to disable it by using the ‘Self-protection’ mode. The network activity and other events, as well as details about the sent and the received packets are displayed within the main interface.

A few last words

All in all, Outpost Firewall Free provides a user-friendly protection solution, but its reliability is at doubt, due to the last update date. In order to make sure that your PC is fully protected, it is advisable that you consider trying out other similar applications as well and compare the results.

Outpost Firewall Free 2009 was reviewed by Mihaela Citea
Last updated on August 11th, 2014
Outpost Firewall Free 2009 - The main window of Outpost Firewall Free 2009 allows users to view the options they have in hand to work with.Outpost Firewall Free 2009 - In this window you can easily view the active connection from your host.Outpost Firewall Free 2009 - This window allows users to analyze the level of protection of their computers.Outpost Firewall Free 2009Outpost Firewall Free 2009Outpost Firewall Free 2009Outpost Firewall Free 2009Outpost Firewall Free 2009Outpost Firewall Free 2009Outpost Firewall Free 2009Outpost Firewall Free 2009

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