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Make sure nobody with unauthorized access can view or modify your documents with the help of this powerful and easy to use security solution

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No matter how inexperienced a user might be, their computer still needs to be protected against unauthorized access to ensure privacy is maintained at all times. PGP Desktop is a specialized security application that relies on cryptography for protecting a wide range of data against intruders.

Keep data encrypted for more protection

Basically, the software solution encrypts information that can be later accessed only by those with the corresponding credentials. This is why when installing the application, users are guided towards creating their own PGP keys, protected by a chosen passphrase.

Secures outgoing and incoming files

The main window of the application allows users to explore their created PGP keys and to choose the ones they want to use. PGP Desktop can also be used for encrypting outgoing emails or chat messages, thus ensuring that no data can be remotely accessed by malware or ill-intentioned persons.

Another function of the application is creating encrypted virtual disks where private files can be stored, kept away from prying eyes. Alternatively, one can encrypt existing partitions or disks, as well as shred the free space (so as to clear any traces left by erased documents).

Permanently have files erased

In addition, the application also comes with a specialized component that enables users to safely delete their confidential files without any possibility to restore them, even if using specialized software.

Users can rely on PGP Desktop to decrypt email messages, attachments or text exported from one’s email client in PGP format - simply dragging and dropping the files onto a dedicated window is enough to perform this task.

In conclusion

All in all, due to PGP Desktop, business owners can rest assured that company documents cannot be remotely accessed by unauthorized personnel, whereas home users can hide their private files from intrusive siblings or friends. Nonetheless, a license need to be purchased once the evaluation period expires provided users want to continue using the aforementioned functions.

PGP Desktop was reviewed by Giorgiana Arghire
Last updated on August 11th, 2014
PGP Desktop - PGP Desktop will provide users with a comprehensive security solution for mobile and desktop usersPGP Desktop - The PGP Keys section will list keys like Directory Verification Key or personal keysPGP Desktop - Users will be able to access the PGP Log and select their desired day and topic from the PGP Messaging sectionPGP DesktopPGP DesktopPGP DesktopPGP DesktopPGP DesktopPGP DesktopPGP DesktopPGP DesktopPGP DesktopPGP DesktopPGP DesktopPGP DesktopPGP DesktopPGP Desktop

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