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Boost your PC security against keyloggers and block Internet access to various apps, with the help of this powerful two-way firewall utility

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SpyShelter Firewall bundles anti-logger security tools and a powerful, two-way firewall within a single and intuitive interface. Its main purpose is to protect your computer against malicious attacks and data theft attempts.

The application integrates a rich set of modules that work together to add an extra security layer to your system, preventing the logging of keystrokes, Clipboard entries, webcam and screen activity, as well as sound recording attempts.

Create and manage security rules

Made from a well-organized window split into multiple panes, SpyShelter displays the protection status and lets you manage the rules for each installed application that requires an Internet connection.

It's possible to create lists with third-party programs to block, as well as to set writing restrictions for any folders and removable drives. Plus, a tool can be allowed to capture live streaming from the webcam, but not to recording sounds.

Administer firewall settings and access to apps

When it comes to firewall configuration, you can choose the connections to allow or deny, create process execution rules, and customize the trust level for networks. It can be instructed to automatically give access to certified apps or other programs considered safe.

Unlike other similar utilities, SpyShelter Firewall doesn't give you the possibility to customize rules when a new app tries to access the Internet, so this may be deemed as a drawback to users looking to fully control it. Instead, you are prompted for action to either allow, deny or terminate it. Plus, SpyShelter can be asked to remember your preference for future prompts, or to block notifications for that particular process.


SpyShelter Firewall assures proactive protection against malicious activity by monitoring the system registry and the memory. It prevents keyloggers from recording activity data and gives you access control over servers and applications.

The various security levels enables you to customize its behavior, but choosing the right option in the displayed notification popup windows could pose problems to inexperienced users.

SpyShelter Firewall was reviewed by Mihaela Teodorovici
Last updated on September 25th, 2015
SpyShelter Firewall - SpyShelter Firewall features a powerful and easy to configure personal firewall, as well as anti-keylogger modules.SpyShelter Firewall - You can define the rules your personal firewall will abide to and create new rules for any program on your computer.SpyShelter Firewall - SpyShelter Firewall can control application execution, scanning the files for viruses before launch.SpyShelter Firewall - screenshot #4SpyShelter Firewall - screenshot #5SpyShelter Firewall - screenshot #6SpyShelter Firewall - screenshot #7SpyShelter Firewall - screenshot #8SpyShelter Firewall - screenshot #9SpyShelter Firewall - screenshot #10SpyShelter Firewall - screenshot #11SpyShelter Firewall - screenshot #12SpyShelter Firewall - screenshot #13

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