Windows Firewall Console

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Monitor your firewall configuration, secure your browser and use the virtual keyboard to type in texts, so as to avoid keylogger action

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Windows Firewall Console is a lightweight and straight-forward piece of software aimed to serve as an interface for your Firewall, enabling you to decide which are the utilities that can run safely on your system.

Clean and intuitive appearance

Following the download process, you can just unzip the archive and run the executable, as it is not necessary to go through an installation process in order for the application to function.

The main window of Windows Firewall Console is slightly transparent, yet quite easy to handle. The red shield functions as a ‘Cancel’ button while the green shield lets you approve certain actions.

Patch your Firewall, then begin making configuring it to your liking

Every time you launch Windows Firewall Console, you need to click on the green shield in the ‘Patch Firewall’ window, in order for the tool to be able to operate modifications on your system, which will change the status to ‘Patched’ in the main window.

By clicking on the Windows Firewall Console’s green shield, you can browse through your computer and select the safe applications; clicking on the red button will revert the changes to the default state.

Moreover, the utility enables you to ‘Vaccinate USB’, or run the ‘Webcam Monitor’. The ‘Process Box’ lists the currently running processes on your PC, allowing you to add new Firewall rules. Despite its simple appearance, keep in mind that the modifications you operate can have unwanted effects and you should not perform them unless you understand how to configure your Firewall.

Useful interface for your Firewall

In conclusion, Windows Firewall Console is an efficient and easy to handle program created to function as a new skin for your Firewall, allowing you to modify settings or add rules in just a few moves.

Windows Firewall Console was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on April 21st, 2015
Windows Firewall Console - Windows Firewall Console can provide web protection, enabling you to secure your Firefox browser.Windows Firewall Console - Windows Firewall Console enables you to run a webcam security test and disable the device using your keyboard.Windows Firewall Console - The Anti Keylogger is a component of Windows Firewall Console designed to help you safely type in banking accounts and other sensitive data.Windows Firewall Console