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Detects the enabled services by checking registry entries, the local open ports and the running services to prevent unauthorized access

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Dangerous malware still propagates exploiting Windows vulnerabilities and system services are among the targets of worms and other viruses. While Microsoft provides patches to fill the security holes, in the case of certain components it is best to have them disabled unless they are stringently needed.

Protects ports from possible threats

Opened ports rate among the most often used ways of infiltrating the system therefore it is best to keep the door shut to prevent infections. This is where Windows Worms Doors Cleaner comes into play.

By scanning the registry, this application is able to detect which services are enabled, which are currently running and it can also list the open ports.

Easy to deploy on your system

The great thing about this utility is that it will not install anything on your system. However, it does modify the registry in order to apply the changes you want to make therefore it's recommended that you create a backup of the entire registry before modifying anything with Windows Worms Doors Cleaner.

Some changes will occur after a system reboot so another piece of advice is to restart the PC to have the modifications come into effect.

Robust interface with simple settings

The interface is less appealing to the eye and more bent towards functionality. No configuration is required, simply run the app and you can to disable services and close ports that are used by dangerous and known malware to spread.

Keeps you updated on known issues

Next to the button that deactivates a service you will find the official Microsoft security bulletin that pertains to the vulnerability specific to that port. You should note that the list of open ports is hidden as you start the program, so you have to press the arrow on the right side of the GUI to activate it.

To end with

On an ending note, thanks to the great ease of use, Windows Worms Doors Cleaner can be used effortlessly even by novice users. Very lightweight and without requiring installation, this utility is ready to run right out of the box.

Windows Worms Doors Cleaner was reviewed by Olivian Puha
Last updated on August 11th, 2014
Windows Worms Doors Cleaner - Windows Worms Doors Cleaner will help you detect the enabled services by checking registry entries, local open ports and running services

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