Actual Keylogger (formerly Actual Spy)3.2

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Simple and effective program that was created to help you monitor the actions other people perform on your computer, including keystrokes and used applications

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Actual Keylogger is a full-featured computer activity monitoring tool that provides a long list of features, along with advanced options to remain invisible all the time.

Although it boasts a great amount of tools, setting up this utility is actually an easy task, mostly thanks to the way it interacts with the user.

Gather data, take snapshots and generate reports

Actual Keylogger allows you to record virtually any activity that takes place on a computer, including pressed keys, accessed files, Internet connection, visited websites, content copied to Clipboard, launched apps and used printers. In addition, the program can take screenshots and create detailed reports in either TXT or HTML formats.

Of course, the generated report can also be customized by choosing a time period to create a report and choose between two different formats, a one page or a multi-page report.

Add a passkey and enable the stealth mode

What's more, this software program boasts multiple options to keep the program hidden all the time, allowing you to launch it at Windows startup and even set up a password to block access to its options.

There are dedicated options to remove the program's shortcut from the desktop, the entry from Start Menu and Add or Remove Programs and even hide the program folder. Plus, Actual Keylogger lets you set up a keyboard shortcut so that you can call upon it at any point, a feature which proves especially useful if it is completely hidden.

Performance and conclusion

Supposed to run all the time, the application is quite friendly with hardware resources and does not seem to slow down the system. The interface is tabbed and intuitive and our tests did not reveal any errors, hangs or bugs.

Overall, Actual Keylogger does what it says and offers a remarkable pack of features, while relying on a well-organized interface with very intuitive options.

Actual Keylogger (formerly Actual Spy) was reviewed by Bogdan Popa
Last updated on August 7th, 2014
Actual Keylogger (formerly Actual Spy) - The main window of Actual Keylogger allows you to view the captured keystrokes and other performed actionsActual Keylogger (formerly Actual Spy) - The Internet Activity Tab enables you to learn which were the websites that were visiting during the monitoring operationActual Keylogger (formerly Actual Spy) - From the Report tab, you can choose the period of time that you wish to review and the targeted activity typeActual Keylogger (formerly Actual Spy) - screenshot #4Actual Keylogger (formerly Actual Spy) - screenshot #5Actual Keylogger (formerly Actual Spy) - screenshot #6

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