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Advanced and user-friendly program that helps you monitor various activities, such as keystrokes, screenshots, clipboard content, directories, and partitions, block websites and utilities, as well as password-protect your apps

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Auto Capture PC is a lightweight Windows application built specifically for helping you automatically record various activities performed on the target computer, such as keystrokes, screenshots, log data stored in the clipboard and viewed windows, monitor file changes, as well as block unwanted websites and programs.

Clean feature lineup

You are welcomed by a user-friendly interface that displays a summary with the number of recorded events directly in the primary panel.

Plus, if you click on the desired category, you are offered additional information about the logging process, and you may filter the events by a custom date, save data to HTML file format, and view information about each entry, such as window title, username, time, or other details.

Configurations settings

When you run the program for the first time, you are asked to perform an initial configuration. The utility gives you the possibility to load the tool at Windows startup for all users or only for the current one, assign hotkeys, and set up passwords for making sure no other user can change your settings.

Additionally, you are allowed to automatically start the capturing process when the program is opened, run the app in an invisible mode, show a splash screen on startup, activate the invisible mode, as well as enable the logging mode for all typed keystrokes, viewed windows, clipboard content, partitions, files, and other handy options.

What’s more, you can make Auto Capture PC send email notifications if custom keywords are detected, specify the target directory for saving the screenshots, take snapshots in a full screen mode or capture only the active window, create a custom list with utilities and websites to block, select the partitions and directories that you want to monitor, password-protect the applications stored in your computer, send email notifications, as well as automatically reboot, shut down, or log off the computer after a specified time.

Bottom line

All in all, Auto Capture PC proves to be a reliable keylogger that offers support for a complete suite of features combined with a user-friendly interface for helping you accomplish the monitoring process.

Auto Capture PC was reviewed by Ana Marculescu
Last updated on July 3rd, 2014
Auto Capture PC - This is the main window of Auto Capture PC, where you will be able to monitor your computer activity.Auto Capture PC - In the Configuration window of Auto Capture PC, you will be able to set up the general options of the application.Auto Capture PC - With Auto Capture PC, you will be able to manage keystrokes by enabling keyword filters.Auto Capture PCAuto Capture PCAuto Capture PCAuto Capture PCAuto Capture PCAuto Capture PCAuto Capture PCAuto Capture PC

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