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Utility that invisibly records all PC activity (e.g. web, chats, e-mails, screenshots, keystrokes etc.) and lets you e-mail logs or upload them to an FTP account

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Beyond Keylogger is an application that lets you monitor the activity of your computer. It is ideal when you know that others can easily access your private information.

Input a passkey and tweak general parameters

Right after the tool places itself in the system tray, you are required to set a password that you will use every time you access the interface. It is important to remember it and maybe write it down somewhere, as there is no way of recovering it (Beyond Keylogger warns you about this).

The interface of the program is plain and simple, and lets you configure general settings with ease from the provided navigation pane (e.g. autorun at Windows startup, hide system tray icon, remove icons and entries from the start menu and uninstall list).

Items you can track and e-mail logs

In addition to that, it is possible to configure the maintenance log (e.g. set default location, automatically delete all log files older than a specific period of time, enable auto flushing to a USB disk), as well as enable two-sides chat/instant messaging interception.

You can capture Clipboard content, record user idle time and non-character keys, filter text, capture and filter screenshots, log microphone input, and set up this software utility to send the logs to you via e-mail.

Sort and upload logs to an FTP server

Aside from that, you can have the log uploaded to your FTP account or copied to another computer in your network. It is possible to call the keylogger main screen via keyboard shortcuts, disable anti-spy software, and enable Windows user account restrictions, automatic uninstalling, and more.

When you open the main screen, you can view logs by date (textual, chat, web, visual and audio logs), export them (TXT, HTML, extract audio and visual), mark dates with logs, and more.

A final evaluation

The program uses a low-to-moderate amount of system resources and includes a user manual. We have not encountered any problems during our tests. Besides the fact that the interface could use some improvements, we strongly recommend Beyond Keylogger to all users.

Beyond Keylogger was reviewed by Elena Opris
Last updated on October 27th, 2014
Beyond Keylogger - Beyond Keylogger will provide users with an utility that invisibly records every activity (web, chats, e-mails, screenshots, keystrokes..)Beyond Keylogger - The Settings window will help you fully customize the application in order to make it your ownBeyond Keylogger - Users will be able to access options such as enable capture from clipboard or user idle time recording within the Textual settings areaBeyond KeyloggerBeyond KeyloggerBeyond Keylogger

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