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Clean utility which aids you in figuring out if your Yahoo Messenger friends are using the offline method or not, without burdening the PC's performance

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Yahoo! Messenger is a popular platform for chatting with your friends no matter where they are. And as you know, it is possible to hide from other users by using the Invisible mode, where nobody can see that you are online thus allowing you to choose whom to talk to. Using Buddy Spy, it is possible to find the contacts that are hiding from you.

Buddy Spy is a monitoring application that you can use to see who is hiding from you on Yahoo Messenger, and the chat room they are currently in.

Clear-cut environment

Although the concept of Buddy Spy is a little childish (i.e. spying on your friends), the interface of the software is professionally looking (probably suggested by the white and blue color scheme), where the buttons and content are quite well organized.

The left side of the window shows a navigation panel which encloses “Tasks” and “Miscellaneous,” features which let you easily access all the available options.

View online, chat and webcam status, and bring up history

In the first main category, you can configure multiple Yahoo Messenger settings, pertaining to the user, connection and bot status, while scanning for one or several persons (by making a list).

Aside from the online status, you can check up on their chat and webcam status, and which room they are currently connected to. There is also a scan history page where you can keep track of the friends you have spied on.

The Miscellaneous section presents general information about the program, a link to online comprehensive Help contents, automatic update settings and the “Make a donation” button.

A final assessment

The computer’s performance is not going to be hampered as it does not require a large amount of resources in order to work properly. However, it is important to know that this program has been discontinued and thus, it will no longer receive updates and might not always work properly.

All in all, Buddy Spy is a pretty decent piece of software which lets you check your friends’ status on Yahoo Messenger through an intuitive GUI.

Buddy Spy was reviewed by Madalina Boboc
Last updated on August 5th, 2014
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