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An application that keeps your computer protected by blocking online adult content, as well as various other violent websites around the Internet

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Although the Internet is the place where you can find almost unlimited amounts of useful information, it is also a gateway to various undesired materials, some of which can be downright harmful to younger audiences, such is the case of unsupervised children.

Block unwanted websites and monitor the Internet activity

CyberFence is a software utility you can use to restrict the access to potentially harmful webpages and other similar content, by monitoring the Internet activity and blocking the undesired websites from being displayed on your computer. The variety of included filters enable you to keep your children safe from almost any kind of inappropriate videos and pictures, as well as from a selection of risky programs.

All of these filters can be manually activated and deactivated according to your preferences, while also having the option to monitor the Internet activity recorded on your computer. This includes frequently visited websites, recently used programs, search terms and even video clips watched on YouTube. In addition, the utility can also periodically capture screenshots to offer you a glimpse at various states of your computer's desktop.

View activity reports and scan your system for harmful files

CyberFence also allows you to save and view reports detailing the activity that took place on the computer while you were away, such as visited webpages and executed programs. In addition, the total usage time of the system, as well as the total online time is constantly recorded and displayed, in order to see how much time users spend on the Internet.

Furthermore, the application can search your machine for a variety of harmful files and documents, including inappropriate videos, files containing mature language and potentially harmful programs that have been installed. The results can be saved and exported to your computer as text files and you can consult them at any time.

In conclusion

All in all, thanks to the constantly vigilant filters, CyberFence can effectively block almost any kind of unwanted material from being displayed on your computer, including websites and video content. In addition, the easy-to-use interface makes it simple to customize the desired amount of protection by simply activating or deactivating any of the included filters and monitors.

CyberFence was reviewed by Alexandru Dulcianu
Last updated on July 9th, 2014
CyberFence [DISCOUNT] - The main window of the application displays the currently active filters and the monitoring settings.CyberFence [DISCOUNT] - You can access the admin tools and view activity reports by accessing the right-click menu.CyberFence [DISCOUNT] - You can search your computer for unwanted websites and videos from the Contents Scan window.

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